Christine Penrose, Registered Dietitian

Christine Penrose is a Registered Dietitian with her Masters in Nutritional Science. She is devoted to educating children and their parents about the benefits of healthy eating and maintaining an active lifestyle. As a child, Christine consumed fast food and soda on a daily basis. School was the only time she had access to wholesome, balanced meals. From this, Christine developed a strong desire to become a leader in school nutrition.

Christine’s comprehensive school food and nutrition experience stems from working as a part-time nutrition consultant for My School RD. At this position, she helps plan school menus that are wholesome and balanced, ensuring that foods are rich in nutrient content and compliant with State and Federal regulations.

At The LunchMaster, Christine helps translate technical nutrition information into fun and engaging material for schools, parents, and students. She creatively conveys The LunchMaster’s goal of making a positive contribution to the well-being and learning ability of each student. In addition, Christine assists The LunchMaster with menu development, partnerships, customer relations, marketing, and sales. Her enthusiasm to enrich the lives of our students make her a perfect asset to the team.