Mission and Core Values

The LunchMaster’s mission is to make a significant and positive contribution to the well-being and learning ability of each student by providing healthy, delicious school meals.

This will be achieved by our commitment to:


  • Preparing meals from scratch. Whether it be our marinara sauce or salad dressings—you name it; we make it!
  • Using high-quality, wholesome ingredients. This means no artificial flavors,  colors, or preservatives.
  • Hand-selecting our local produce. Over 80% of our produce is from local family farmers!
  • Serving organic and seasonal produce as often as possible.

Connection & Customer Satisfaction

  • Forging partnerships with local farmers and vendors.
  • Maintaining close relationships with schools, parents, and students to understand and meet their specific needs.


  • Fostering knowledge about the importance of nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Participating in school & parent events involving health promotion.


  • Operating with transparency, honesty, and accountability.


  • Limiting our carbon footprint by using compostable and recyclable containers, minimizing our use of packaging, and partnering with local vendors.

Continuous Improvement

  • Maintaining an ongoing effort of being receptive to feedback and constantly improving our products and services.