General Information

Q: What is The LunchMaster Program?

The LunchMaster provides hot and cold entrees, fruit and vegetable sides, and choice of milk (1% plain, nonfat chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry) for students. The LunchMaster uses an online and phone application ordering system that can be customized to filter food allergies, food preferences (e.g., vegetarian meals) and offers up to 16 options each day. You can order from The LunchMaster on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Please go to www.TheLunchMaster.com, click “register” and enter your school code to set up a LunchMaster account. To request your school code, send an email to lunchmaster@nobhillcatering.com.

Q: I have a question or comment about The LunchMaster program or lunch, who should I contact?

Please contact The LunchMaster customer service at lunchmaster@nobhillcatering.com or (855) 565-8624 and select option 2.

Lunch Orders

Q: How do I order from The LunchMaster?

Please go to www.TheLunchMaster.com, click “register” and enter your school code. You will be able to create a profile for each child you are ordering for (e.g., filter menu items for food allergies). You can order on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. From here you can select what dates and entrees you want your child to receive.  You will receive an email from The LunchMaster letting you know when new monthly menus are available.

Q: What is the cutoff for ordering from The LunchMaster?

You can “same-day” order from The LunchMaster until 6:00 AM the day of the lunch, although same-day orders have fewer selections. If you order in advance (by 10:00 AM the business day before lunch is served), you will be offered all of the menu options.

Q: My child forgot to take a lunch to school, can she still get a lunch?

The LunchMaster will send a limited number of extra lunches for children who did not preorder lunch and would like to purchase a lunch. If your child gets one of these extra lunches, your LunchMaster account will be charged for that lunch. Your child will receive a slip to take home as a receipt for the meal they received on that particular date.

Q: May I send my child to school and ask them to buy an extra lunch?

Families are highly encouraged to order a late lunch online since The LunchMaster only sends a few extra emergency meals per day, and those meals are to be used for children who forget their lunch. Families can order from a limited menu until 6:00 AM for same-day lunch service for an additional $1.50 convenience charge.

Q: Does my child need to bring the lunch ticket that is emailed to me after I order?

If your child’s school uses lunch tickets to expedite lunch service, yes. If your child has a lunch ticket, it will help the servers identify which lunch you have ordered for your child and make the lunch line move faster. If your child does not have a ticket, servers will have a list of all students who have ordered lunch and what entree was ordered for them, but they will have to wait until all students with lunch tickets are served first to keep the line moving as quickly as possible.  If you need another copy of your lunch ticket, please contact The LunchMaster at lunchmaster@nobhillcatering or call customer service (855) 565-8624 (select option 2).

Q: My school uses lunch tickets but I did not receive a lunch ticket when I ordered.  How do I get a lunch ticket?

If you placed an order and didn’t receive an email with a PDF of lunch tickets, you can email lunchmaster@nobhillcatering.com or call customer service (855) 565-8624  (select option 2).

Q: What is LunchMaster’s policy regarding cancellation of an order?

Credit for a cancelled order on your LunchMaster account depends upon time of cancellation. To receive full credit for a cancelled order, you must cancel that order no later than 4:00 PM the business day before the lunch is to be served. Cancellations received after 4:00 PM on the day before delivering the meal and before 7:00 AM the day of the lunch will receive half credit. No credit will be given by The LunchMaster for orders cancelled after 7:00 AM the day of the lunch service.

Q: How do I cancel a lunch order?

To cancel a lunch order online, log into your account and select the “Order History” page and then select the red “X” next to the lunch day you intend to cancel. You can also go to the “Meal Calendar” and select the meal you want to cancel. When the pop-up box appears, select “Remove From Cart.” This will send your cancellation credit directly into your shopping cart.

Meal/Nutrition Information

Q: Where can I find the nutrition information for the meals provided by The LunchMaster?

All the nutrition information can be found on The LunchMaster website at www.thelunchmaster.com. After logging in, select “Nutrition” from the top left options, and you will see the specifications of each entrée you have selected.

 Q: Does The LunchMaster serve organic foods?

Yes. Currently all romaine lettuce, carrots, celery, and cucumbers are organic, and The LunchMaster continues to work with its suppliers to add more organic products. The LunchMaster will send a weekly email to all registered accounts listing the organic produce that will be served the following week.

Some schools have chosen to pay for additional organic produce. Those schools also receive organic apples, pears and bananas. For these schools, The LunchMaster will send at least on organic fruit per day.  Some schools have also chosen to pay an additional fee for organic 1% milk.

Q: What kind of container is used for the cold entrees like salads, wraps, and sushi?

The LunchMaster uses only 100% compostable containers made of plant material from World Centric. The LunchMaster is committed to providing zero-waste lunches whenever possible.

Q: What kind of material is used to seal the fruits, vegetables, and hot entrees? 

The wrapping material is made of plastic and BPA-free. The LunchMaster uses a machine to automate the packing process and items will not seal properly using a vegetable-based sealing material.

Q: What happens to the leftover food?

All the leftover cold food is donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank. The leftover hot food is disposed of by The LunchMaster. Health Department regulations do not allow The LunchMaster to donate the food.