Melissa Manning, Registered Dietitian

Melissa400The LunchMaster’s staff Registered Dietitian, Melissa Manning, specializes in child nutrition. Melissa, a mother of two, truly enjoys making food healthy and fun. For example, in The LunchMaster menus, Melissa makes good use of nutrient-rich, dark-green romaine lettuce by creating a unique variety of delicious salad recipes. Vegetables are incorporated in kid-friendly ways, such as in our homemade tomato-based marinara sauce. She believes that if fruits and vegetables are easy to eat, kids will love them. That’s why our menus feature fresh-cut apples and oranges instead of whole fruit, which can be difficult for small children to manage.

Melissa has analyzed and evaluated the menus of more than 60 school districts as part of her work with California state nutrition auditors. She also has an extensive breadth of experience volunteering in school gardens and the local food bank, encouraging districts to scratch cook in their kitchens and practice nutrition informatics. Over the past 15 years, she has brought her child nutrition expertise to create appealing, nutritious, and compliant meals for The LunchMaster program.